(How SPID1.com Began)

Express Print and Promotions is a Promotional Product and Advertising Marketing Company that opened its doors in 1984.

Over these past two decades, we have provided Imprinted Promotional Products to: colleges and universities, government agencies, hospitals, social organizations, family reunions, radio stations, churches and other segments of the private and business sectors.

During this time, we also established close relationships with hair salons and hair stylists by identifying Imprinted Promotional Products that they find exciting and useful for their customers.

In 1999, we formulated an idea to print a Salon Profile Information Directory (SPID) that we felt would be useful in identifying salon owners' and stylists' personal profiles. Our plan was to distribute these directory booklets to salons throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

While pursuing this idea and attempting to get feedback from salon owners and stylists about whether this directory could benefit them and their customers, we noticed how fast the Internet was growing. This rapid growth caused us to abandon the idea of printing this salon directory. We decided that more exposure could be given to stylists and salon owners across America by putting SPID1 on the Internet.

Since that time SPID1 has been created, and it has allowed us to bring stylists, customers and advertisers together to share information and connect worldwide like never before.

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